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Deep Trading Psychology Workshop

Remove Fomo, Greed, Fear, Over Trading, and Big Losses with our 3-step process In Next 30 Days

On : Friday, 19-APR-2024 AT 6 PM

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This Trading Psychology Workshop Is For You If....

  • Working Professionals: Efficient trading in just 30 minutes a day, perfect for career-driven individuals

  • Aspiring Traders: Learn trading basics and psychological insights to kickstart your journey.

  • Seasoned Investors: Enhance your strategies and diversify your portfolio for greater success.

  • Financial Independence Seekers: Achieve consistent, profitable income through trading, regardless of your background.

...then this is for you!

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Date : Friday, 19-APR-2024

Time : 6.00 PM

"Join this "first of its kind" LIVE workshop designed to transform your Cognitive Fitness with much needed mindset & tool- No Technical skill required."

In This Workshop, You'll Learn....

Secret #1

Banish Trading Pitfalls

Learn how to remove Fomo, Greed, Fear, Overtrading, and those painful big losses.

Secret #2

Secrets of the 1%

Explore the closely guarded Risk Formula used by most Hedge Fund Managers.

Secret #3

Professional Game Plan

Turn trading into a consistent income source with a proven strategy.

After this Workshop, You will....

  • Trade with Confidence

  • Develop a Winning Mindset

  • Minimize Risk

  • Secure Consistent Profits

  • Transform Stress into Success

Meet Your Host

Nilesh Samant

India's Leading Stock Market Mindset Expert

Nilesh Samant is a seasoned trading expert renowned for his exceptional ability to transform trading amateurs into pros. With a mission to empower individuals for financial freedom, Nilesh has crafted a unique blend of psychological mastery and market expertise.

Join Nilesh Samant in this transformative 90-minute deep trading psychology workshop and embark on your journey towards consistent, profitable, and stress-free trading returns

Nilesh Samant Helping People Transform Their Trading Journey

Ready to Elevate Your Trading Game? Don't Miss Out!

A Powerful Workshop That Delivers Life Changing Results!


 CA, Bangalore

You are really great sir last two months I have spent lot of time on forward and backward testing, psychology and money management from Monday I will be a business man. Thanks for what ever you have given us and truly you are selfless leader sir🙏


This is amazing sir...I want to thank u from bottom of my heart .. process driven bananyatach sagla kahi aahe.. aani he tumi mala shikavlat 🙏 My prbm was hopping system.. now m following just 1 system and only equity .. many things r achieved.. less trades.. less cost and confidence. Jeev thodun sangta cycles complete karayla ki koni tyapasun palun jauch shakat nahi .. mi asa vichar kela ki karun baghayla kai harkat aahe..

Pranjali ji

Gopal Asudani

I am taking this opportunity to share my trades for the month of July, from 17th to 27th, with a capital of 2 lacs, I highly appreciate Nilesh sir,s way of teaching patiently and specially controlling psychological issues like emotions and mindset. It has greatly helped me to trade more effectively,

Richa tondon

Wanted to share my joy with the group and to express my gratitude 🙏🏻for Nilesh sir. His amazing patience with my incessant questions and his support has given me fabulous results in trading,for the first time in june I am profitable 🌸 Thank you sir 🙏🏻

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